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Each Grocery item comes packaged in a manner reproducing 18th century packaging using contemporary images and extant examples, whether packaged in paper packets, cloth bags, or glass or earthenware containers.

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The Oilman Offerings,
plus Pickles and more

Some merchants specified their offerings, hence the word "Oilman."

Geo. Watkins Imported
Mushroom Ketchup

6 oz, $9.75

The word ketchup is derived from the Indonesian "kecap" (formerly spelled "ketjap") which means a sort of soy sauce and used mainly as a seasoning. NOT today's thickened tomato sauce. Used as a highly spiced flavoring agent for sauces and "made dishes" (casseroles and ragoos).

Product is sold in the bottle on the right; recommendation for period display is bottle at left.


English Ketchup
8 oz, $12.00

A highly spiced liquid, originally from the Orient and adapted to ingredients available in Britain. NOT today's thickened tomato sauce. Made especially for Dobyns & Martin by Clarissa F. Dillon.


Oil of Almonds
4 oz, $8.00

Spread with a feather in pans and molds to help delicate custards release from the mold when set; packaged in a clear glass bottle. F
eather pastry brushes are available on the Everything Else page.


Pickled Samphire
6 oz, $10.00

Seasonal - currently out of stock

Crithmum maritimum, is the sole species of the genus Crithmum. It is a wild, edible, plant found in coastal regions of mainland England. It needs chalky soil with a sea breeze to grow to its best condition. As a result it is hard to get, and we are very pleased to have found a source for this unusual item.


"Syrup, composition of a thick consistence, made of the juice of herbs, flowers or fruits...Herb is defined to be a plant that is not woody, and haves that Part which appears above Ground, every year, as Parsley, etc." (N Bradley)

Orangeado, Raspberry and Sugar Syrups

Syrups were often medicinal and should be carefully researched prior to use.

Black-berrie (Skald-berrie) Syrup
4 oz, $9.00


Orange Syrup
Often called "Orangeado"
4 oz, $9.00


Rasberry [sic] Syrup
4 oz, $8.00

A thick liquid made by cooking raspberry juice with sugar to the desired consistency; used to add a red color to various fruit and pastry dishes.


Barbadoes Cane Syrup
4 oz, $9.00

John Malcom at the South Sugar house on December 5, 1765: "better and cheaper for sweetening Coffee."