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With Color Photos, $22.00
With Black and White Photos, $11.00

This volume written by Deborah Peterson, formerly the proprietress of Deborah Peterson's Pantry, is filled with primary source information, 30-plus period receipts (recipes), and many color photographs.

It supports many food-related imports into eighteenth-century Philadelphia. Each entry gives brief documentation showing it was here in the colonies. If the item is unusual, a receipt (or recipe as we call them now) using the ingredient is supplied. (It's great to find food-quality Isinglass, but it begs the question, now what do I do with it? A receipt is helpfully provided!)

If you want to learn more about spices, coffee, tea, chocolate, syrups, hartshorn, leavenings, isinglass, gums, sugar, salts, peppers, oils, you should have this book! A great gift for any foodie! Useful to have in any site's library!

Compendium with color photos or
with black-and-white photos

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